About Us


I am an individual, and I love being different where I can.  Socks have brought that escape for me since having the boundaries of wearing a uniform from the time when I was a boy.  At age 5 I wore school socks that were the same as every other child. Throughout high school, the uniform only got worse.  Akubra hat, polished shoes, and ironed khaki’s were a not negotiable.  Then when I stepped into the corporate world I was required to wear a uniform and it brought back all of the memories of conforming.  I began finding ways to be different and show my individuality and I found I was able to do this through SOCKS!

I have always been known for my sock game making sure they reflect my mood or any occasion bringing some joy to me and those around me, so I thought in 2020 why not start creating my own designs and launch my own Aussie sock brand and fulfil a dream.   


My mission is simple.  To provide a sock to reflect your mood, your occasion, yourself.  A sock that brings a smile to your face when you decide on which one to wear.  A sock that boosts your confidence, that puts lead in your pencil.   

Each creative design is either dreamt of prior, influenced by someone or something and then designed by me with bold colours, quirky ideas and fun in mind and just like me, the socks are MADE IN AUSTRALIA you bloody ripper.

Ensuring unique designs with an edge that could not be found anywhere else in the world coupled with the highest quality Australian Made socks were, and will always be, non negotiables for me and 23rd Avenue.