Sock Information

All 23rd Avenue socks are made in Australia. The size for our socks are most suitable for those with a 8 to 12 (US shoe size).  

Our socks are made up of 60% cotton and 40% nylon/lycra.  

Cotton (60%):  Cotton is a natural fibre and similarly to wool, possesses its own organically occurring properties. Cotton is proficient in moisture absorption, dust mite resistance, it is hypoallergenic and can endure high temperatures. Cotton is the only fibre that becomes stronger when wet, and it’s the preferred choice in hospitals, since it can endure high temperatures and can be sterilised.

Nylon (40%):  Nylon is a thermoplastic, silky material, first used commercially in a nylon-bristled toothbrush (1938), followed more famously by women’s stockings (“nylons”; 1940) after being introduced as a fabric at the 1939 New York World’s Fair.

Nylon is made of repeating units linked by amide bonds and is frequently referred to as polyamide (PA). Nylon was the first commercially successful synthetic thermoplastic polymer. Nylon is commonly used to give garments strength.


23rd Avenue Designs:  All of the designs are created by me and drawn up for my designer to fine tune. When I am happy with the finished designs they are sent to be manufactured (see below).


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